Mondo Candido’s Biography

One of the world’s most respected Lounge acts, the italian band Mondo Candido delivers a mixture of Retro-Pop riminiscent of the classic 70s Italian filmsmusic blended with today’s contemporary International Electronic sound.

Mondo Candido's version of 'Meglio Stasera' (from the first 'Pink Panther' movie) has been featured in the world famous compilation Buddha Bar Vol.5 and their albums has been released in Japan and USA.

The sound of MoCa is a mixture that combine a certain 'italian mood' from the 60'es and early 70'es with a typical contemporay sound. Suggestions come out from soundtracks musical language (the name of the group is taken from an italian b-movie of the 70'es), from brasilian and latin music, from 'club music' such as lounge and french house.

Born at the end of 2000 as an instrumental trio, in the beginning MoCa features soundtracks and italian popular songs rearranged in a latin-soul-jazzy way. Luisella, the singer, will join the group later and the crew start to compose a lot of original tunes.

The first release 'Moca' (the name of the italian popular coffee machine) is published by Santeria, an italian indipendent label on april 2002.

Songs of the record are published in many compilations, some made by very popular italian music magazines.

Buddha Bar vol. 5 contains the Moca hit single 'Meglio Stasera' - a very catchy Mancini tune taken from the soundtrack of 'The Pink Panther'.

The video single of 'Cambiare Idea' is broadcasted by the main italian music channel tv, which also hosted the group for interviews and live performance. Moca gets very good reviews from every music magazine in Italy and is broadcasted by many radio networks.

On may 2003 Moca is released in Japan by Aosis Records/JVC, the group goes twice to Tokyo to play on stage (showcase at Tower Records and HMV) and to present his record in many radio stations.

MoCa is choosen to perform a jingle for Toyota, with the collaboration of DJ Tanaka (Fantastic Plastic Machine).

A second CD is released exclusively for Japan which contains various versions of the Toyota Jingle song plus new tunes and remixes of some 'Moca' song.

Songs from Moca are featured in more than 10 compilations in Japan.

Bizarre is the title of MoCa’s second CD  and it is the logical continuation of the 'mood' of the first one. It comes out at the end of 2006.

The main ingredients are the same: a kind of mixture between vintage sounds -retrò moods revisited in a contemporary way, latin-bossa influences, cinematic atmospheres, a touch of jazz.

The contemporary production of MoCa features a more 'groovy' sound, if compared with the debut album, so that the whole project sounds more 'catchy', bright and strong.

Nevertheless, you still have some typical sophisticated MoCa tunes. These songs features a kind of softness and melodic appeal which reminds the flavour of some typical sounds from sixties and early seventies.

During 2007 MoCa features his live show in the main italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples, Capri and many more.

2008 Bizarre is released in USA by the label Water Music Records.

Mondissimo is the third album of the band and it features remix and re-arrangements of MoCa's reperetoire made by an international bunch of musicians and DJs.

NuJazz from Holland, electro-bossa from Sweeden, the French Touch of Minimatic and Grand David, the BellyDance spicy sound of Cay Taylan from Istambul, the electronic glitches and noise puzzle from Tokyo, this is just a few of the guests.

Mondissimo is not just 'another' Lounge album, but a 'glamourous' travel across new international perspectives in music.

Tempo  is the fourth  album of MoCa focuses on the 'instrumentals' skills of the band, featuring both new compositions and old tracks taken from the previous albums.
Looking to advise a new musical perspective of the band, the tracks offer many different suggestions, fluctuating from sensual jazz-like feels to nervous compositions that fuse spy-movies themes with vintage jazz-rock-progressive sounds.

The title suggests the double meaning of the word 'tempo':
- in one hand the 'beat', music speed, rhythm, as the founding and universal element of the musical vocabulary
- in the other hand meaning 'time', as the duration/extent of instants.
That would allude to the route of the band, the path they go through during the last decade.

Soda the brand new album of Mondo Candido

The word Soda has different meanings: the fizzy drink used in the preparation of long drinks, but also hard-boiled egg or simply stiff-solid.

We can conceive it as a 'concept album', where many compositions are focused on food, often depicted in various nuances, from erotism to joy of conviviality.

The first single will be 'Viva la pappa' a very popoular tune taken from an italian 60's tv show, where the 'pappa' (traditional tomato soup) is a methaphor of popular revolution.

Soda features the new vocalist Sara Ferrini.